Recap: In August last year, Disney revealed that it would be launching its own streaming service in 2019, putting it in direct competition with Netflix. A month later, the company announced the inevitable: it would be pulling its Marvel and Star Wars movies from the streaming giant. We now know what the last Marvel movie released on Netflix will be: Ant-man and the Wasp.

Currently being shown in theatres, Ant-man and the Wasp will appear on Netflix once its theatrical run comes to an end. But it will be the last Marvel picture to do so. As per the New York Times, Disney is allowing its licensing deal with Netflix to expire, meaning that, starting with the release of Captain Marvel next year, all Walt Disney Studios releases will move from theaters to the company's streaming platform instead of Netflix.

All this has left a question mark over the Marvel TV series shown on Netflix, such as Jessica Jones and Luke Cage. Would these also migrate to Disney's rival service? Last year, a Netflix rep said it would continue to do business with Disney on many fronts, which includes the ongoing deal with Marvel TV, and its seems that's still the case. A spokeswoman for Disney told the Times that there "are no current plans" to remove the Marvel shows from Netflix, so fans can rest easy for the time being.

We still don't know an official name or possible pricing structure for Disney's streaming project, though it will reportedly lack R-rated content of any kind. If true, that will probably put a lot of people off, but with Disney also looking to buy back the rights to current and future Star Wars movies, the service could offer plenty of compelling exclusive content.