Discord has become the go-to place for PC gamers to chat with their friends, organize major competitive tournaments, or post their favorite cat pictures.

Indeed, the communication service has grown so fast that it has all but replaced old chat clients like TeamSpeak, Mumble, and Ventrilo.

However, Discord's ambitions don't stop there. The company today announced its plans to take on Steam with its own game marketplace.

Simply called the "Store," Discord's marketplace will be accessible by visiting the app's home page and selecting the appropriate menu option. Within the Store, players will be able to purchase games they're interested in and launch them directly through Discord.

The Store is pretty simplistic for now -- there doesn't appear to be a way to search for games or organize them by category -- and its current content line-up seems to be limited to indie titles.

However, that could certainly change in the future. The feature is currently being tested among a small batch of Canadian users, so their feedback will likely shape the Discord Store's development moving forward.

Discord plans to differentiate itself from its competitors by offering 90-day timed exclusive indie titles, as well as a "universal library."

This function will let users add games from other gaming clients (such as Steam) or their computers to their Discord library, so they can easily play with friends regardless of where the game was originally purchased.

Discord hasn't told us when the Store will arrive for the general public, but we'll undoubtedly learn more in the coming months as the feature gets refined further.