Highly anticipated: We're getting ever closer to the day when Nvidia unveils its next generation of graphics cards---probably at its Gamescom press event on August 20---which means the rumors, leaks, and speculation are coming thick and fast. The latest involves the Founders Edition version of the GTX 2080 (or 1180, whichever it might be called), and claims that it will ship with a dual-fan cooling system.

If the rumor, which comes from BenchLife, turns out to be true, it will mark the first time that one of Nvidia's Founders cards has used a dual-fan design, and could suggest that the next-gen GPU requires a better cooling solution than its FE predecessors.

In other related news, graphics card manufacturer Galax has released a statement through a company rep that says we will see Nvidia's new cards by September---or at least see "information" on them---and that they will boast "breakthrough" performance while supporting "the most advanced Nvidia ray tracing technology."

As with all rumors, especially those surrounding the 2080/1180, take these with a dose of salt, though it's probably safe to assume that the upcoming graphics cards will have some pretty amazing performance compared to the aging Pascal-based GPUs.

Last week saw alleged PCB images of the 2080/1180 leak online. They suggest that Nvidia will do away with SLI in favor of an NVLink, which is found in its enterprise cards such as the Quadro GV100 and offers higher bandwidth than SLI or PCIe for card-to-card communications. The GPU could also come with a USB Type-C port.

Even though we don't have much longer to wait until the cards' official unveiling, expect plenty more rumors to arrive before Nvidia reveals all.