What just happened? Deathgarden 5v1 multiplayer steps into Steam Early Access today. From now through August 21 players can try the game for free.

Earlier this year makers of Dead By Daylight, Behaviour Digital unveiled its next title called "Deathgarden." Today the company released the game in Early Access on Steam, and players can try it for free for the next six days.

Like Dead By Daylight, the game will be an asymmetrical multiplayer (5v1) deathmatch, only instead of being a Hollywood-style psychopath versus four survivors, it will be a militaristic brute armed with guns versus five skinny ninjas armed with bows. Hopefully Behaviour can eliminate some of the aspects that earned DBD a mediocre metascore.

The premise is also nearly the same. Instead of surviving until dawn, the five hunted players will have to escape the map before they are killed by the hunter. Escape will be no easy task though, as the battlegrounds are procedurally generated and have different escape routes every time. This puts the hunted and the hunter on level ground since nobody can have an advantage by having mastered a map's layout.

Behaviour says it hopes to have the game out of Early Access in six months to a year. It is also already working on adding more "Perks, Powers and Weapons," weather conditions, and a new "biome" garden. Of course, it will also use the time to optimize the game, add "anti-disruptive measures," and balance combat and gameplay.

Once the full version is released Behaviour will add an in-game store for cosmetic items. It wants to avoid making Deathgarden play-to-win, but selling cosmetics will help to pay for future content, which the developers say will always be free.

If you like asymmetrical multiplayer games, you should try Deathgarden while it is still free (ends August 21). It is only available on Steam for PC for $30. Console users will have to get by with Dead By Daylight ... for now.

PlayStation announced via trailer (above) a few days ago that Deathgarden will be coming to the PlayStation 4 sometime next year. No word on if Xbox One will see a release, but some sites like Metacritic are making assumptions.