It seems Samsung is doubling down on virtual reality if a recent FCC filing is anything to go by. The filing reveals what appears to be a new version of Samsung's external sensor-free HMD Odyssey headset, which makes use of Microsoft's Windows Mixed Reality platform.

Based on publicly-viewable files we've found within the filing, it seems Samsung's new headset will be dubbed the HMD Odyssey+. However, if you're expecting a significantly upgraded version of the original Odyssey, you may be disappointed.

Though anything can change between now and the device's eventual launch, the Odyssey+'s construction appears to be virtually identical to its predecessor. The headphone speakers, cushioning, and microphone placement all seem to be the same based on the rough device sketches seen in the filing.

With that said, although the filing itself doesn't seem to reveal this information, The Verge claims the Odyssey+ will feature a "wider" eye box and a new display technology called "SFS," in addition to standard AMOLED.

As you might expect, 6DOF (degrees of freedom), inside-out positional tracking is making a return with the Odyssey+, replacing the standard external trackers you would need with a device like the HTC Vive.

Naturally, given that this isn't an official Samsung announcement, we know very little about the Odyssey+'s potential software features, release date, or pricing.

However, if we were to speculate, it would make sense for a slightly-improved version of the original Odyssey to take over its old price point at $500 - again, though, we won't know for sure until Samsung gives us more concrete information.

Image courtesy, The Verge