In brief: Aston Martin is building 25 more of the iconic DB5 cars featured throughout James Bond films. Ranking as possibly the coolest car driven by movie stars, the limited edition revival will no doubt be in high demand among wealthy collectors.

Gadget gurus that are always looking for the next big thing in tech will want to keep an eye on Aston Martin's iconic DB5. Known for being James Bond's car loaded up with all kinds of extra features, Aston Martin and EON Productions are going to build 25 new Goldfinger DB5 vehicles.

The new series will be directly based on the 1964 DB5 driven by Bond, with several gadgets included. Do you want to avoid those pesky speed cameras? Revolving license plates are one of the options available (but of course we cannot condone such mischievous activities).

Chris Corbould, special effects supervisor for the James Bond movies will be working to develop other gadgets available as features on the DB5 continuation. No word yet on whether the rocket launchers, ejector seats, bulletproof windshield, radar, or machines guns will be making an appearance.

Aston Martin will be building the new DB5s at its Newport Pagnell facility where the original DB5 was constructed. Only minor modifications will be made for sake of better build quality and reliability. Additional features that we take for granted today such as airbags and seat belts are likely to be included even though they were not originally standard features.

Unfortunately, the latest iteration of the DB5 is not street-legal. Should you have a cool $3.5 million burning a hole in your pocket plus a few extra dollars to cover the taxes, you could take home one of the 25 available. The first deliveries are expected to take place in 2020.