Navigating throughout Google's ecosystem has steadily gotten easier over time, primarily due to the tech giant's active efforts to streamline its service's various interfaces.

Quickly switching from an event announcement email received via Gmail to Google Calendar in order to set an attendance reminder is faster than ever. You don't need to bookmark different web pages or even open a new tab.

This is because Gmail's latest redesign implemented a navigation sidebar, which gives you access to Calendar, Tasks, and Google's note-taking app "Keep." This sidebar is both useful and convenient, but it's also quite limited - so far, you've only been able to access it via Gmail.

That's changing now, though. Google today announced plans to bring the quick-access side panel to some of its most popular G Suite services.

That means you'll soon be able to access Calendar, Tasks, and Keep directly from services like Google Docs, Sheets, Slides, and even Drawings. All you need to do is select the appropriate icon from the quick-access panel (shown above) on the right-hand side of any given interface.

To be clear, this feature isn't rolling out to G Suite just yet. Rather, Google plans to launch it in two weeks, during a "gradual rollout" period of up to 15 days. Rapid Release testers can seemingly access the expanded quick-access sidebar immediately, however.