Why it matters: Buying a new Xbox One doesn't just mean the (optional) subscription costs, there's also the substantial upfront price of the console itself to consider. But for those who'd rather not hand over hundreds of dollars in one go, Microsoft is reportedly set to unveil a contract-based monthly package that combines an Xbox One S or Xbox One X, Xbox Live Gold, and Xbox Game Pass.

Windows Central reports that the new service, called 'Xbox all access,' will be available directly from Microsoft and other retailers.

The Game Pass subscription on its own, which lets users download and play over 100 Xbox One and Xbox 360 titles, costs $10 per month. Xbox Live---a requirement if you want to enjoy multiplayer---is about $5 per month. Microsoft's plan is to offer both these services along with a rented Xbox One S for $22 per month, or $35 if you prefer the more powerful Xbox One X.

With the Xbox One S costing around $230 from Microsoft, and the Xbox One X more than double the price at $499, it's likely that 'Xbox all access' will be an enticing deal for many people. Moreover, at the end of the two-year contract, subscribers will own the console completely.

The new service is expected to be announced later this month and arrive for US residents soon afterward. The fact it's US-only, at least initially, may explain why it wasn't announced at Gamescom. The program could expand to other locations, however, where it should help Microsoft challenge the dominance of Sony's PlayStation 4.