Highly anticipated: Forza Horizon 4's release date is quickly approaching, and Microsoft has released a playable demo for you to test it out. If you've played a past Horizon game then you probably already have your pre-order in. Microsoft also made a hilarious TV spot for the game starring Maurice LaMarche you should check out below.

A few months back Walmart Canada leaked that "Forza Horizons 5 [sic]" is due out this year. Yeah --- that's not going to happen. What is going to land though is Forza Horizon 4, and it's just around the corner. In fact, Microsoft just dropped a playable demo and a new hilarious commercial for it today.

The commercial stars Canadian voice actor and comedian Maurice LaMarche doing voice over for ... well, the commercial. LaMarche mimics the legendary David Attenborough as he promotes the latest iteration in the Forza Horizon series, and the effect is nothing short of side-splitting.

"Good heaven! What is that?" Attenborough says at one point straying off the script.

"It's a --- it's a hovercraft," says the voiceover director.


"I didn't make the game."

The performance is brilliant which even sees LaMarche mewling like a kitten at one point and insisting that "multiplayer" be pronounced "multiplier." It is one of those rare commercials that come along occasionally (usually during the Super Bowl) that you actually enjoy watching. But a funny advertisement is not all that Microsoft has to keep us entertained until Horizon 4's release. It also put up a playable demo on the Microsoft Store today.

The Forza Horizon series differs from the Forza Motorsports series mainly in the style of gameplay. Motorsports is more of a driving simulator --- Xbox's answer to PlayStation's Gran Turismo series. Like the Need For Speed series, Horizon games are more arcade-style.

The two sister franchises alternate release dates in a yearly cycle. So, since Horizon 4 launches this year, Forza Motorsports 8 will likely release sometime in 2019 barring any complications.

Horizon 4 introduces "dynamic seasons" in this iteration. The seasons will cycle from spring to summer, fall, and winter. The change in seasons also brings new weather conditions like rain and snow to challenge players' skills.

The demo is available now in the store. Forza Horizon 4 launches October 2 on Xbox and PC. The standard version runs $60. A Deluxe Edition sells for $80, which comes with the Horizon 4 Car Pass. An Ultimate Edition can be had for $100 that includes two expansions, a VIP pass, and the "Day One" car pack.