There are plenty of team management tools out there, but enterprise software often has a learning curve that slows teams down rather than speeding things up.

Despite your meticulously-written to-do lists, regular progress report e-mails, and daily stand-ups with your team, there might still be a few bits and pieces of crucial details that might get lost in the tracks. And sometimes, those are just the things that may make or break a certain project. is a team management tool that serves as your team’s centralized hub for well, everything. It’s simple enough so as not to overwhelm you, but not so oversimplified that it lacks the features you need to foster progress. As matter of fact, it’s the complete opposite.

The platform allows you to break down each project into stages or tasks, and assign a person to a corresponding task, promoting accountability within the team. Everything is highly visual so you can easily keep track of each other’s progress, but every part is easily adjustable in case things don’t turn out as planned.

The scalable, intuitive structure can effectively work for a team of two, or an international team of 2,000+ -- The platform supports document and video uploads and integration with other productivity apps. So if your team is already using tools like Slack, Google Calendar, Dropbox, Microsoft Excel, Trello, and Jira, there’s specific, clean shortcuts to integrate the information from those platforms into

Collaboration shouldn’t be that hard. may be just what your team needs to get on track. Try it now for free.

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