What just happened? After nearly 19 hours, Clan Redeem becomes the first Destiny 2 fireteam to complete The Last Wish, one of the hardest raids Bungie has ever made.

Bungie finally released Last Wish, an extremely difficult raid for Destiny 2: Forsaken on September 14th. The raid was finally conquered the next morning by Clan Redeem and took nearly 19 hours for the clan to complete. This marks the fifth time that Clan Redeem was able to score a world's first.

As a reward, Bungie is sending each member of Redeem an actual WWE style championship belt. The feat breaks the record for the longest time to beat a Destiny raid right after launch. The previous record was 14 hours in which Clan PrimeGuard conquered Vault of Glass in the original Destiny.

Bungie promised hardcore Destiny players a raid that would truly test their skills. Not only does the raid consist of five separate encounters, but the cost of entry requires a power level of 550, not far from the 600 level cap. If you want to try your mettle, grinding is a must if you're not properly leveled.

Since beating the Last Wish, all Destiny 2 players will see an in-game announcement when they log in about the world's first completion of the raid. There's also a new cut-scene once players enter the Dreaming City. Apparently The Last Wish's final raid boss, Riven, wanted the players to win so that The Dreaming City can be invaded by the Taken.

Watch Clan Redeem accomplish the feat below: