PUBG's explosive growth and widespread success are undeniable. It may have been recently surpassed by Fortnite in terms of overall revenue, but the game still retains a massive player base, one that likely won't go away anytime soon.

However, stagnation and leaving well-enough alone isn't an acceptable state of affairs for most businesses, and the folks behind PUBG seem to agree if a report from Eurogamer is anything to go by.

The outlet discovered a Korean Game Ratings Board leak that seems to hint at a possible port of PUBG to the PS4. For the unaware, the popular battle royale title has only been available on the Xbox, PC, and mobile devices to date, primarily due to an exclusivity deal PUBG's developers signed with Microsoft months back.

As Eurogamer notes, that deal could be coming to an end, and as a result, the PUBG team may be looking to expand their market share.

PS4 players make up a massive portion of the gaming audience as a whole, so if this leak is accurate, PUBG's developers could stand to gain quite a bit in terms of sales and positive PR.

Whether or not cross-platform play will be available between PS4 and Xbox versions of PUBG remains to be seen. Sony has proven time and time again that it wants nothing to do with the concept of cross-play, and it probably won't change its mind now.

At any rate, just to reiterate, this is merely a leak and not official confirmation of any kind. As such, take this information with a healthy dose of skepticism.