While Battle for Azeroth has captured the attention of quite a few returning World of Warcraft players, many of the game's former fans aren't willing to jump back in just yet.

This is primarily because they're waiting for World of Warcraft Classic, a separate, official version of the long-running MMORPG that will recreate the game as it was during "Vanilla," or the early days of WoW.

It's not clear when WoW Classic will arrive for the general public, but Blizzard is giving hardcore fans a way to test it out early. If you snag a BlizzCon Virtual Ticket ahead of (or during) the convention in early November, you'll be able to download the "same in-development" demo that attendees will have access to on the show floor.

According to Blizzard, players will be able to cruise through a "limited questing experience" in one of two distinct zones; one for Horde, and one for Alliance.

Experience Classic in all of its low-poly glory

The demo will open up on November 2, shortly after BlizzCon's opening ceremonies. It will end on November 8, at 10AM PST, giving players roughly a week to dig into the content.

In addition to gaining access to WoW Classic for a limited time, Virtual Tickets also net you a few in-game goodies for the current WoW experience, such as Horde or Alliance-themed cloaks and banners.

If you want to try out WoW Classic for yourself during BlizzCon, Virtual Tickets are currently going for $49.99 on Blizzard's official website.