In brief: Adobe has updated Acrobat DC and its associated utilities to make sharing and editing PDFs easier yet again. Complete support for tablets and significantly improved cross-platform support make content review and signing more convenient.

Adobe's Creative Suite has evolved from a sea of individual applications to a well supported cloud service with a smooth workflow. Today, Adobe is showing off a new version of Acrobat DC with a centralized document hub and mobile apps to change the way we interact with PDFs.

A new home view in both Acrobat DC and Acrobat Reader DC provides a single view of incoming and outgoing tasks. Documents awaiting signatures and files shared are now all accessible from one location. Users of Acrobat Pro DC gain true cross-platform capabilities and can work across mobile phones, tablets, and use in-browser tools to always be able to edit their documents.

For the first time ever, iOS and Android tablets will have full editing support with Acrobat Pro DC. All of the functionality found in the desktop application has been made available to tablet users.

Content review is being improved with better ways to obtain comments and feedback from others. When sharing a PDF, it is now possible to track who has opened the file and also prompt automatic reminders to ensure that a file has been reviewed before critical deadlines. Instead of going back and forth over email, all remarks can easily be made within a PDF using Acrobat DC.

As part of the mobile experience, new versions of Adobe Scan and Acrobat Reader DC bring new features to make life just a little easier. Adobe's Sensei artificial intelligence engine can detect forms and allow them to be filled out on mobile devices. Suggested auto-fill content will be recommended to fill out forms faster without tinkering around aligning text fields just so.

New editions of Acrobat DC tools and services can be obtained now for anyone that has a subscription based license. Adobe's free tools are also available for download today.