Bottom line: Sid Meier's Civilization VI translates well to a mobile experience but you might want to try before you buy to see if you can handle working with a small display.

One of the benefits of ever more powerful smartphones is that desktop games are starting to become available on mobile devices. Sid Meier's Civilization VI has just recently launched an iOS version for iPhones that better caters to a small screen.

For those unfamiliar, take a break for a minute and read through the desktop Civilization VI review before continuing on. Despite being a somewhat complicated game to crunch down into a less than 6-inch display, it has been done and reasonably so. The entire feature set from the desktop version is playable on your iPhone. That is, provided you have an iPhone with lots of storage space available. The latest update requires 3.4GB for installation and requires iOS 11.4.1 or newer.

Technically the game runs on any iOS device now with 11.4.1 and up, but its publisher Aspyr has listed the iPhone 7 as the oldest phone you can have a decent experience with. Even then, some of the buttons are a little too small for comfort but are still large enough to make the game playable. A minor caveat is that city views are broken into multiple fullscreen menus instead of offering an enlarged view as is the way on a desktop. Fortunately this has no actual impact on gameplay.

There is one glaring shortfall to the mobile app, but it is not the end of the world. Online multiplayer has been left out. There are options for local multiplayer in which you can pass a phone back and forth between players to take turns or it is possible to play against others locally over Wi-Fi.

A point of contention for Civilization VI that might be hard to get over is the price. Being accustomed to paying a few dollars at most for high quality mobile apps makes the price hard to stomach. At a retail price of $59.99, that is absurd for a mobile game. However, Civilization VI is currently discounted on the App Store 60 percent to $23.99. If interested, you can play for 60 turns before deciding if its worth a buy or not.