Bottom line: Leaks arguably help people make more informed purchasing decisions but when a company is able to genuinely surprise audiences with a new product they had no idea was coming, there's a bit of awe attached. Hopefully Google will have something left to share that accomplishes this come next week.

Google's upcoming Pixel 3 smartphone has leaked six ways from Sunday so it's only fair that another new offering get some attention.

Likely scheduled for unveiling during Google's October 9 hardware event is the Smart TV kit, a new bundle that includes both a Google Home Mini smart speaker and an unannounced third-generation Chromecast.

A photo of the bundle briefly appeared on Reddit from a retail employee who said his store had just received them. It's unclear where the user works (the post has since been deleted) but The Verge speculates it may be Walmart as the big box retailer offers a similar kit with an older Chromecast for $74. That bundle is a Walmart exclusive.

Late last month, Best Buy accidentally sold a customer a third-generation Chromecast. The device depicted in that Reddit post appears to match up perfectly with what's shown in the latest leak.

At this rate, Google isn't going to have much to surprise consumers with come next week but that seems to be par for the course with major tech companies as of late.