Something to look forward to: As the holiday season inches closer, Apple has one more event to pull out some new gadgets before shopping commences. The new iPad Pro, MacBook Air, Mac Mini, and other devices are expected to make an appearance.

Even though Apple just held its annual iPhone unveiling event, there is more yet to come this year from Cupertino. Although this time, Apple is headed to the Brooklyn Academy of Music in New York for its next product unveilings.

A tagline of "there's more in the making" has been given to occasion. Officially, there is little known as usual aside from the location and its start time of 10:00am EST. A change of venue may also be in place to match the theme of the event.

Upcoming refreshes to the iPad Pro and Mac computers could place emphasis on creative professionals as has been done in the past. Rumors indicate that Apple could be adding a USB-C port to the iPad Pro for 4K HDR video output. Additionally, Face ID and a new Apple Pencil are also expected changes.

Aside from the iPad Pro refresh, it is possible that Apple may unveil a new Mac Mini and MacBook Air. Smaller bezels on the Air and a higher resolution display will hopefully bring the offering up to par with the times.

Besides the obvious options of what Apple could show off, we may finally get to see some projects that have been put on the back burner. AirPower, a wireless charger capable of topping up multiple devices at once could make an appearance. Apple also could have a new Mac Pro hidden away somewhere. Given the focus of the venue at which the event is being held, music could point towards refreshed AirPods, although admittedly that could be too far of a stretch.