Whether you're a fan of Nvidia, AMD, or both, it's tough to deny that AMD's "FreeSync" adaptive sync monitor tech is generally more accessible than Nvidia's "G-Sync" alternative. This is primarily due to price: FreeSync monitors are almost always cheaper than their G-Sync counterparts, sometimes significantly so.

AOC wants to push the value proposition even further now. As reported by PC Gamer, AOC has launched three new FreeSync monitors today: the 22V2H, the 24V2H, and the 27V2H. If their naming schemes didn't make it obvious, the monitors are 21.5", 24", and 27", respectively.

Obviously, we can't comment on the durability, look, or overall quality of any of these devices just yet, but given their low costs (more on that in a moment), it's probably best to keep your expectations as low as possible. However, one of the main selling points of the monitors is their "frameless" design - each one has ultra-thin, almost invisible bezels; a design that isn't too common in budget monitors.

Regarding technical specs, there isn't much variation between the three monitors. The 22V2H, 24V2H, and 27V2H all have the same 1080p IPS panels, with 75Hz refresh rates and 5ms response times. These aren't terribly exciting specifications, but they're nothing to sneeze at given the devices' budget-friendly price tags. The 22V2H comes in at $99.99, while the 24V2H and 27V2H are priced higher at $129.99 and $169.99.

All three displays are available for purchase right now - no pre-order necessary.