Apple hasn't traditionally sold its brand-new devices through official channels on Amazon, but it would seem that's changing today. Apple is partnering with Amazon to officially open the doors for authorized resellers to list the former's latest tablets, smartphones, and smartwatches on the digital marketplace.

This may sound like a win-win at first, but it will come with a few drawbacks, as noted by Cnet. For example, current Apple product sellers on Amazon will have their listings removed, and they'll be forced to apply to be one of the company's previously-mentioned authorized resellers. While we don't know much about that process, it's probably safe to assume it won't be as easy or restriction-free as merely throwing up an Amazon listing.

For now, Apple products that are coming to Amazon will include the iPad Pro, iPhone XR, iPhone XS, Apple's Beats headphones, and the Apple Watch Series 4.

Cnet reached out to Amazon for comment regarding why the HomePod isn't listed in this line-up, and the company responded by stating that it "[makes] assortment decisions all the time, based on terms and a large number of other factors."

While that is not the most straightforward answer we could have hoped for, there's a chance the "other factors" portion of that statement means that Amazon would like to avoid pitting its Echo line of smart speakers directly against Apple's alternative - or vice versa.

It's not clear when exactly Apple's new products will arrive on Amazon, but we can expect them to become available in the "coming weeks."