Why it matters: Cloudflare’s Domain Name System (DNS) resolver that it launched last April is coming to mobile users in the form of an easy-to-use app. The Android and iOS application is a simple DNS switcher, letting anyone use the free service that enables a more private, faster internet experience.

Cloudflare’s DNS service has proved extremely popular in the time since its launch, probably because it’s ranked as the fastest in the world for consumers. also has a focus on privacy: the company doesn’t write any querying addresses to disk, wipes logs within 24 hours, and doesn’t sell people’s data or use it to target ads.

While mobile users could already use Cloudflare’s service, the new app enables by simply flipping a virtual switch. Once installed, the app asks permission to generate a VPN profile, which reroutes DNS requests through the company’s servers.

The service remains incredibly fast, shaving valuable seconds off page loading times. It’ll also make it more difficult for your ISP to track your browsing or block certain sites, making particularly useful in countries that block a lot of websites and have slow connections.

“The app makes your Internet faster and more private. It is darn easy to set up. And, the best part: it’s free!,” writes Cloudflare’s Mohd Irtefa.

“It is the right thing to do. We are making it easier for everyone to make their experience when they use the Internet more private. People should not have to pay to have a more private Internet.”

You can download the app now for Android and iOS. Go here for instructions on how to set it up for PC.