What just happened? Tyler Barriss, the 26-year-old California resident behind a series of bomb threats and other crimes, including the swatting incident that resulted in the death of Andrew Finch, has pleaded guilty to 51 federal charges. If the judge approves the terms, he will spend at least 20 years in prison.

In December last year, Barriss was arrested over his role in the death of 28-year-old Finch, a father-of-two from Wichita, Kansas. The incident was the result of a $1.50 bet on an online Call of Duty match, in which Finch had no involvement.

Casey Viner and Shane Gaskill were playing the wagered CoD game, and it was Viner who contacted Barriss asking him to swat his opponent. For those who don't know, swatting is the act of making a hoax 911 call in the hope it will lead to armed responder turning up at a person's home.

What Viner didn't realize is that Gaskill had given him an old address. When police officers arrived at the door responding to what they thought was a hostage situation, they shot and killed new resident Finch, who had no idea what was happening.

Wichita Police Department Officer Justin Rapp was the one who shot Finch. And while prosecutors refused to press charges, the department is dealing with a civil lawsuit over alleged wrongful death.

Barriss faces another trial for involuntary manslaughter against Finch on January 7, while alleged co-conspirators Viner and Gaskill, who have pleaded not guilty to their charges, go to court on January 8.

Barriss has already pleaded guilty to false information and hoaxes, cyberstalking, and conspiracy charges related to the 2017 swatting. Additionally, he's admitted to making bomb threats against the FCC during the net neutrality repeal vote, a Dallas Convention Center, a Florida high school, and the FBI's headquarters. He also confessed to other swattings and using people's credit and debit cards without permission.

If charged with the separate count of manslaughter, Barriss could see an extra 11 years added to his sentence. He must also pay $5,000 in restitution to help cover Finch's funeral costs and pay $5,100 in other fees.

Back in April, Harris got access to the internet while in jail after an improper upgrade to an inmate kiosk was carried out. He tweeted that he was an "eGod" and threatened to swat more people.