Bottom line: Installing networked devices that need power and are far away from outlets is often inconvenient. Trendnet's latest long-range PoE+ solutions can reduce the hassle of installing cameras, phones, and other hardware while remaining easily affordable for home users.

Going wireless is great for a variety of reasons, but every device on a network still requires some kind of power. Installing IP cameras, VoIP phones, or IoT gadgets have the greatest reliability with a hard wired connection. Today Trendnet has introduced two new gigabit switches with long range Power over Ethernet capabilities.

Starting with the 5-Port Gigabit Long Range PoE+ Switch, there are four PoE+ ports and one standard gigabit connection. 32W of power can be distributed across the four supported ports, with up to 30W possible on a single port. 10Gbps of switching capacity ensures that there are no bottlenecks as a result of the switch.

Virtual LAN port isolation, QoS, and the range of PoE+ signals are controlled via DIP switches on the front of the housing. When set to maximum range, ethernet connections up to 656 feet with PoE are possible. Note that bandwidth is reduced to 10Mbps as maximum range.

Should 5 ports not be enough, there is also an 8-port variant available. Switching capacity is increased to 16Gbps and the PoE budget is raised to 65W. All eight ports on the TPE-LG80 can deliver up to 30W of power so long as the total does not exceed 65W. Similar to the 5-port offering, DIP switches are used to enable a long range mode, QoS, and VLANs.

Both models offer lifetime warranties and are housed in metal cases that can be wall mounted if desired. The 5-port TPE-LG50 retails for $59.99, while the 8-port TPE-LG80 has a suggested price of $109.99.