The big picture: Rockstar's incredible attention to detail in Red Dead Redemption 2 continues to impress. These non-essential "meat and potato" elements are precisely why the game is so endearing and why it's bound to collect plenty of hardware during awards season.

Red Dead Redemption 2 may very well be the most intricate video game ever developed, a statement made with confidence even before viewing this recently published video from YouTube channel DefendTheHouse.

Mild spoiler alert - the video may contain segments of the game that players haven't yet reached.

The compilation highlights how Red Dead Redemption 2 dynamically changes over time. I'm not talking about the weather or natural disasters, mind you, but rather how NPCs affect the world. In Valentine, for example, locals can be seen constructing a building next to Worths General Store. Once enough time has passed, you'll discover that work on the building has completed. The same goes for another building in the town which eventually becomes Keane's Rooms for Rent.

Appleseed Timer Co. is another establishment worth the occasional visit. Over time, you'll notice fewer trees on its land as they are cleared away for lumber, leaving only stumps behind. Central Union Railroad isn't afraid of hard work, either, as employees work long shifts to lay new tracks across the countryside.

Minute details like this are easy to miss but don't expect that to be the case when award season rolls around.