Why it matters: Instagram is trying to compete heavily with Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube in attracting popular Internet influencers. To that end, the company is testing Creator Accounts to better empower creators to keep track of trends in their content and provide a more customized experience.

According to a report by Hollywood Reporter, Instagram is testing a new feature for Internet influencers called Creator Accounts. The accounts are meant to be similar to business profiles but tailored to "digital influencers" and artists.

"Creator-specific tools that will be part of the new accounts include growth insights such as data around follows and unfollows; direct messaging tools that allow users to filter notes from, for example, brand partners and friends; and flexible labels that allow users to designate how they want to be contacted. The new features are being tested with a small beta group before they roll out to the wider community next year."

While many key influencers on Instagram do have the coveted blue check mark signifying that the account has been verified, those accounts never had the analytic tools to track various data unless they were also business accounts.

Instagram product manager, Ashley Yuki, wants Instagram to be the place where creators can build their brands and fan communities in a way that was unique to them as key digital influencers. She explained that even though some creators did make business accounts, those features weren't "tailored" for them.

The Creator Accounts are meant to be a customized experience, separate from business accounts, that give creators better insights into how their content is being consumed. For example, growth insights allow creators to see how their follower counts have changed and which content may have led to an increase or decrease in followers. There are also more powerful tools for direct messaging and controlling how the creator is contacted, including being able to remove the ability to call or email via the app.

The addition of Creator Accounts is part of an ongoing push to make Instagram the premier place for content creation. Earlier this year, Instagram announced IGTV, a ploy to siphon video creators from YouTube to Instagram by allowing long-form video content. Catering to content creators could be a powerful way of attracting and keeping creators (and their followers).