People are more mobile today than they've ever been before, and that means more people are traveling than ever before. While plenty of said individuals use cars, trains, and boats to get from point A to point B, there's no denying the popularity and speed of an airplane.

The trouble is, though its a fast way to get around, traveling by air is far from convenient. In addition to the many security checks passengers are expected to undergo, flight delays are also frequent, and are arguably one of the most irritating parts of flying.

At best, they're minor annoyances, but at worst, lengthy delays can force you to completely re-plan a trip.

Google is hoping that its latest Assistant feature will help to mitigate this issue, if only slightly. Soon, when you ask Assistant for the status of a specific flight, it will let you know whether or not there will be any delays - if so, it will tell you roughly how long the delay(s) might be, and whether or not you can still expect to reach your destination on time.

That feature is rolling out very soon, but it'll be expanded in the coming weeks. Specifically, Assistant will begin "proactively" notifying you when it predicts a delay, rather than waiting for you to ask for a flight's status.