Something to look forward to: For those longing after a new BioShock game, a first-person horror released next year could satisfy those cravings. Close to the Sun is set on board a ship in an alternative 19th century, and it bears a strong resemblance to Irrational Games' much-loves series, right down to the fonts.

You play as journalist Rose, who's searching for her sister on the Helios---a ship created by Nikola Tesla. In this version of history, the inventor's scientific breakthroughs have already had a major impact on the world. The Helios is supposed to be a place where scientists can carry out projects away from the eyes of the world, but, as is always the case with these sorts of things, something has gone horribly wrong, leading to everyone getting quarantined.

The art deco/steampunk environments do make it look like another BioShock game, but there's one major difference in Close to the Sun: players don't get anything to defend themselves, so no weapons and no powers to fend off the bad guys (or things). That means the gameplay is made up of running, hiding, sneaking, and puzzle solving, making it closer to SOMA and the Amnesia games--- let's hope it causes the same sweaty-palmed fear as those titles.

You can also team up with an ally who helps Rose navigate her way through the ship, which promises "nerve inducing exploration."

Italian studio Storm in a Teacup created Close to the Sun. The team was responsible for ID@Xbox game Nero, a very pretty looking 'visual novel.'

We'll find out if Close to the Sun can live up to its early promise when it arrives on PC, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4 next year.