In brief: Games with a DIY slant have been big business as of late and technically, Doomba is an extension of that concept. It's probably not something you'll spend a wealth of time tinkering with but if you've got some time to kill over New Years and happen to love Doom, it may be worth looking into.

Have you always thought your home's layout would make the perfect first-person shooter map? Perhaps you've even put the theory to the test with something like laser tag or Nerf guns but I'm willing to bet you've never taken it as far as Rich Whitehouse.

Using a modified version of a game development tool called Noesis, Whitehouse created Doomba - a module that takes the digital map data of your home generated by a Roomba robotic vacuum and converts it into Doom levels.

As you may know, most modern Roombas map your home's layout to boost cleaning efficiency (and a few other things). It's this collected data that Whitehouse used to create the virtual map highlighted in his post.

Doomba has only been tested with a Roomba 980 although in theory, it should work with other devices. Best yet, you don't even need a Roomba to generate fun maps. Using the "Image to NoeRoomba" function, you can generate maps from plain image files (making a map out of the Mortal Kombat logo, for example).

Those interested in trying it out will need to grab the latest version of Noesis and follow Whitehead's instructions on his blog.