Bottom line: Nintendo's Game Boy had a certain look and feel that other controllers simply can't replicate. If you're looking to recapture that experience with modern amenities like wireless connectivity, check out what insideGadgets has created.

I'm of the opinion that the best retro game controllers are the originals. There's simply no better way to experience classics as they were intended than to play them on the original hardware they were designed for.

Unfortunately, that often means sacrificing modern conveniences or modifying retro hardware but with this nifty device, you don't have to do either.

Alex from insideGadgets managed to create a custom Game Boy cartridge that acts as a wireless transmitter. Together with a receiver, you can play games across a wide array of platforms including the Super Nintendo and GameCube using your Game Boy as a wireless controller. Pretty neat, right?

You can pick up a pre-made cartridge for $23 from insideGadgets or, by following the instructions posted online, attempt to build your own. I'd personally opt to just buy a pre-assembled version considering my electronics and coding skills are lacking. You'll also need receivers (each cartridge needs its own receiver); those can also be purchased from insideGadgets or gathered separately.

What's nice about this setup is its plug-and-play nature. Unlike the 8BitDo mod kits which require you to disassemble your old controller, no assembly is required here.