Why it matters: Samsung's modular Micro LED display technology is a 2019 CES Best of Innovation Award winner, and rightfully so. It promises the best of OLED technology with greater flexibility and fewer shortcomings. What's not to like (besides perhaps, the price)?

Samsung at CES 2018 unveiled The Wall, a massive 146-inch display powered by Micro LED technology. Technical advancements in the ultra-fine pitch semiconductor packaging process made over the past year have allowed Samsung to narrow the gap between the microscopic LED chips, thus allowing the company to create a more home-friendly 75-inch form factor.

Samsung also went in the opposite direction, showcasing an enormous 219-inch variant of The Wall at this year's show.

Micro LED technology is unique for a couple of different reasons. First and foremost is its modular nature which allows users to create virtually any screen size to meet spatial, aesthetic or functional needs. Back panels hook together by twisting a dial; then, simply attach the display panel onto it magnetically and watch the action come to life.

The bigger appeal of Micro LED, as The Verge highlights, is picture quality that should rival or beat OLED technology without the shortcomings associated with using an organic material (Micro LEDs are inorganic). The tech is also expected to eliminate burn-in concerns and last longer than OLED panels.

Samsung hasn't released pricing or availability information on its 75-inch 4K Micro LED set but you can bet it'll be expensive.