In brief: Plex is trying to bring movies and more paid content to its platform and it may arrive later this year if negotiations go well and the technical requirements are implemented quickly.

Streaming software developer Plex is aiming to bring movies to its platform that may be supported by ads. Currently, Plex is in discussions with copyright holders and providers to negotiate the terms of a possible deal. There is also a possibility of paid content being offered through the software from premium networks.

Around a month ago, Plex teamed up with Tidal to sell access to music streaming services. This sparked the initiative for Plex to build out its payment processing capabilities so that third-party integrations were much easier. "Now we have the ability to sell other services and bundles," said Plex co-founder Scott Olechowski.

Even though Plex started out strictly a media server for user-owned content, it has expanded much beyond that today. Podcasts, news, and series of content are available for streaming anywhere you go. Web series and news are ad-supported currently, making it relatively easy should Plex want to serve ads to pay for movie rights.

One of the roadblocks to adding movies is first implementing DRM to appease the film industry. Plex will be forced to add digital rights management to single purchases just as every other service does now. Up until present, Plex has never had a reason to implement DRM and must go about doing so in a way that does not cripple user experiences.

Although Plex cannot officially share any details of ongoing negotiations right now, there is confidence that deals will close. CEO Keith Valory mentioned that many content owners would "want to be part of that," so that their productions can be put in front of as many people as possible.