In brief: The Westworld mobile game launched less than a year ago and it is already pulling the plug in about two months. The move seems to be part of a lawsuit settlement with Bethesda, but that remains unconfirmed. If you have in-game currency, use it up before the game is disabled.

Warner Bros. official Westworld mobile game has been pulled from Apple's App Store and the Google Play Store following a lawsuit settlement last December.

According to an in-game announcement, as of January 15, the game is no longer available for download. Current owners of the Delos Park Training Simulation (DPTS) can continue playing, but in-app purchases have been disabled. Players are advised to use any in-game currency they may have before they pull the plug on April 16, 2019.

Shortly after the game's launch last summer, Bethesda filed a lawsuit against it claiming copyright infringement calling it "a blatant rip-off" of its Fallout Shelter mobile game. Bethesda has been known to be viciously litigious, in some instances to the point of being frivolous. However, in this case not only was the Westworld game strikingly similar to Fallout Shelter, but it was also developed by the same studio.

Behaviour Interactive, the maker of both games, stood accused of reusing copyrighted code from Fallout Shelter in the newer game. As proof, Bethesda pointed out identical bugs existing in both games. Warner Bros. and Behaviour "amicably" surrendered and came to an undisclosed settlement in the matter on December 12th, 2018.

The announcement of the game's shutdown does not mention the lawsuit, nor does the DTPS management team's farewell on Reddit. However, given the very short lifespan of the game and the timing of the settlement, it is relatively safe to assume that the game's closure is part of the agreement.

Images via Warner Bros. Interactive