Something to look forward to: Did you, like so many people, spend a lot of money during Steam's Winter sale on games you're yet to play? If so, here's some potentially bad news: another massive discount event is just around the corner.

Set to begin sometime in early February, the Steam Lunar New Year Sale is just a few weeks away. It kicked off on February 15 last year, but with the Chinese New Year starting on Tuesday, February 5, we might not be waiting as long for this one to begin.

As with all Steam sales, news of its impending arrival came through non-official announcements. Valve sent a message to developers informing them of the event, which is smaller in scale than the big Summer, Autumn, and Winter sales.

"Please note that unlike the Autumn and Winter sale events, this sale will NOT interrupt the normal storefront or impact launch visibility for new releases. It is just fine to release a new game during the sale event," writes Valve.

As always, the sale will be a good opportunity to purchase heavily discounted titles that you're wary about buying at $60. Older games usually have most money off, while anything released more recently tends to get a smaller amount knocked off the price. The sale's also a chance to be amazed at how many people are still buying GTA V and Rocket League.

Sadly, new titles such as the Resident Evil 2 remake and Battlefield Gothic: Armada 2 almost certainly won't get discounted, lest Valve incurs the wrath of people who just paid full price for them.