In brief: Remakes of classic games are all the rage these days but waiting around for them to actually arrive can be a pain... so much so that some fans take it upon themselves to help bridge the gap.

Such is the case with the Remako HD Graphics Mod for Final Fantasy VII which was recently released into beta.

The Remako HD Graphics Mod from CaptRobau completely revamps the pre-rendered backgrounds in Final Fantasy VII. Through the use of AI neural networks, the modder was able to boost the resolution of the backgrounds by a factor of four in an attempt to emulate the detail that the original renders would have had.

The results, as you can see, are rather impressive.

Anyone with a PC release of Final Fantasy VII - either the original 1997 release, the 2012 Square Enix Store version or the 2013 Steam release - can try out the mod. The entire game has been converted, we're told, and thus is fully playable although there could still be a few unchecked bugs (it is a beta, after all).

Remako is available to download as of writing. If you need help with installation, check out CaptRobau's handy install guide.

Final Fantasy VII was one of four games inducted into the World Video Game Hall of Fame in 2018 alongside John Madden Football, Tomb Raider and Spacewar!