Last week, we reported on smartphone maker Meizu's announcement of its Zero smartphone. The phone was notable for its complete lack of ports or other exterior "holes." It has no charging port, no headphone jack, and no speaker grill (though there is a small cut-out on the back for phone resets).

That means everything from charging to audio playback is handled completely over-the-air. As interesting as the concept is, getting your hands on a working Zero model won't be as simple as taking a trip down to one of your cell provider's local stores.

Meizu is opting to sell its latest smartphone through crowdfunding platform IndieGoGo. Backing the phone will cost you $1,299, and Meizu only seems to be selling 100 of them for now. Well, technically 101, but that last device is a $2,999 "Exclusive Pioneering Unit" which has already been claimed.

So, what exactly does the Meizu Zero offer that makes it worth your hard-earned cash?

According to the company, its IP68 water resistance and 18kw fast wireless charging capabilities are some of the main selling points. It is also reportedly capable of wireless data transfer speeds that are competitive with USB 3.0, and it has in-screen "mSound 2.0" audio technology. speakers.

Concerning the Zero's hardware, Meizu is remaining tight-lipped for now. All we know is that it will ship with a Snapdragon 845 processor, meaning things like memory or storage capacity options are still up in the air.

If you want to back the Zero, you can do so via its official IndieGoGo page. Meizu anticipates that the smartphone will launch sometime in April 2019.