Highly anticipated: Metro Exodus is just a couple of weeks away from launch, but with all the controversy surrounding its Epic Games Store exclusivity, it's easy to forget about the game itself. To remind people why they got so excited when it was first announced, a six-minute trailer has just arrived.

Deep Silver and 4A Games released the 'Metro Exodus - Uncovered' trailer to explain what's going on in the world and fill people in on some of the series' backstory.

While the previous two games are excellent first-person shooters, they can be accused of being too linear. The trailer emphasizes that this latest entry will be more open; this is achieved through a series of linked hubs, rather than it being a full open world in the style of something like Far Cry 4. And it's still very much a narrative-driven experience, promising a lack of pointless fetch quests.

We also get a look at the extensive weapon customization options that are available, as well as new crafting mechanics that let players construct gas mask filters and medkits needed to survive in the harsh post-apocalyptic Russian landscape.

Exodus looks graphically stunning in the trailer, which is probably why the required PC specs are more demanding than most. Those with Nvidia's RTX cards can also experience its real-time ray tracing features.

Following the unexpected announcement that Metro Exodus would be an Epic Games Store exclusive for the first year, the previous two games in the franchise---2033 and Last Light---were review bombed on Steam by users unhappy with the decision. Let's hope all the hype was worth it when Exodus released on February 15