Highly anticipated: From the makers of Mass Effect comes Anthem, an upcoming open-world shooter set to release on February 22nd. Starting now and continuing through February 3rd, the Anthem demo is free to play on Origin, PS4, and Xbox One.

After the VIP demo for early-access Anthem purchasers ended in disaster, BioWare and Origin are opening up the game to everyone starting right now. Through February 3rd, Anthem is available to play for free on Origin. If you're gaming on PS4 or Xbox One, the demo can be downloaded via the PlayStation and Microsoft stores.

This is set to be the game's final open demo before it launches on February 22nd.

Anthem, from the makers of Mass Effect, is aiming to be a co-op multi-player game with an engrossing story. Given the character and story development present in the Mass Effect trilogy (sorry, Ryder), expectations are high for Anthem and its ability to let gamers craft their own story. At Pax West in September, BioWare described the synergy of multi- and single-player story lines, with individual encounters with NPCs and lore shaping a unique experience for each player.

Server issues non-withstanding, the hands-on time I did get with the initial demo was impressive. While the demo only showcases a small sample of a story that is detached from the greater storyline, the gameplay felt great, with satisfying combat and unique character classes providing something for everyone.

Mass Effect's influence is obvious, with much of the dialogue seeming almost recycled. It'll be interesting to see if BioWare can pull off the game-within-a-game experience that will appeal to both story-driven gamers and those who prefer co-op and multi-player.

If you're a PC gamer, grab the demo on Origin. In case you missed it, here's the official trailer from Pax West...