WTF?! The iconic classic Groundhog Day will officially get a sequel in the form of Groundhog Day: Like Father, Like Son. From what's been revealed so far, the VR title is more of a game version of the original than a fully fleshed sequel, where the player "has to repeat the day over and over until he learns the true value of friends and family."

Groundhog Day (the movie) will be exactly 26 years old next Tuesday, and for those that haven't watched the masterpiece, it follows weatherman Phil Connors as he's forced to relive the same day over and over again until he learns how to get his life back on track. But with no consequences of any action lasting longer than a day, Connors begins to go crazy and hilarity ensues.

Groundhog Day: Like Father, Like Son incorporates the same structure where the player assumes the role of Phil Connors Jr., son of the original. Like the movie the focus of the game is comedy, where the player can do almost anything they want but will have to teach Phil Jr. some good morals in order to win.

According to Tequila Works, who partnered with Sony Pictures VR and MWM Interactive to develop the game, it'll be one of the most interactive VR games ever. The game lets players make "deep, emotional connections" with NPCs, all of whom will be constructed carefully to interact with the player and help (or hinder) them in their journey.

Tequila hasn't revealed what kind of storyline the game will have, nor how closely players will have to stick to it. They are keen to reassure players that there will be multiple ways to play, however, and say that players will have to look for clues to solve puzzles and progress.

Judging from the brief trailer above, the clues had better be hidden well or else they'll stick out like a sore thumb against the very simple graphics. The issue is probably more related to the challenges of running VR on something like a PlayStation, but still, even amongst VR titles, it's pretty plain.

Groundhog Day: Like Father, Like Son will be released later this year for PlayStation VR, Oculus Rift and HTC Vive.