Why it matters: Trusted third-party accessory maker Anker is gearing up to launch its first MFi-certified USB-C to Lightning cable for Apple iPhones, iPads and iPods. The cable looks virtually identical to Apple's own solution, comes backed by a lifetime warranty and is more affordable than Cupertino's cable. What's not to like?

Mobile peripheral maker Anker is now accepting pre-orders for its first MFi-certified USB-C to Lighting cable for iDevices.

The Anker PowerLine II is white in color and measures three feet in length. It looks a lot like Apple’s official USB-C to Lighting cable but at a slight discount - $15.99 versus $19.00.

Anker’s cable carries a 12,000 bend lifespan – up to 12x more than other cables, Anker says – and a lifetime warranty. It additionally supports Power Delivery, a fast charging specification that can be used with higher-wattage adapters, and has received Apple’s blessing through its MFi (Made for iPhone / iPod / iPad) certification program. This means there shouldn’t be any compatibility issues when used with Apple hardware.

Rumors have persisted for years that Apple will eventually phase out the Lightning port on its iDevices in favor of a USB-C connection but thus far, it hasn’t happened. Could 2019 be the year that we finally see Apple’s Lightning port put to rest? We’ll have to wait several more months to find out.

As mentioned, Anker’s PowerLine II is available to pre-order from writing for $15.99. The company says it’ll ship in late February.