Why it matters: A 60 percent price cut in just two months likely means Sony is washing its hands of the PlayStation Classic. If you want one, now may be the time to act as they probably won't be around for much longer.

There's good news and bad news to report regarding Sony's miniature PlayStation Classic console. First, the good news - you can pick one up at Walmart for just $39.99, the lowest price we've ever seen on the retro system.

The bad news? You can pick one up at Walmart for just $39.99.

The PlayStation Classic launched just two months ago at $99.99. Many argued that was a bit on the expensive side given the game selection, system performance and compared to competing mini consoles from Nintendo. A few weeks later, Sony rectified the issue by slashing the price down to a more reasonable $59.99.

While it's tough to complain about paying even less, the new $39.99 price point is alarming for a couple of reasons.

Aside from ticking off customers that paid more than twice that amount just two months ago, the cut suggests Sony is looking to clear out inventory - essentially wash its hands of the system - at any cost. The project's failure is also likely to deter Sony from developing a PlayStation 2 Classic.