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Sony's PlayStation Classic slashed to $39.99

By Shawn Knight · 16 replies
Feb 12, 2019
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  1. There’s good news and bad news to report regarding Sony’s miniature PlayStation Classic console. First, the good news – you can pick one up at Walmart for just $39.99, the lowest price we’ve ever seen on the retro system.

    The bad news? You can pick one up at Walmart for just $39.99.

    The PlayStation Classic launched just two months ago at $99.99. Many argued that was a bit on the expensive side given the game selection, system performance and compared to competing mini consoles from Nintendo. A few weeks later, Sony rectified the issue by slashing the price down to a more reasonable $59.99.

    While it’s tough to complain about paying even less, the new $39.99 price point is alarming for a couple of reasons.

    Aside from ticking off customers that paid more than twice that amount just two months ago, the cut suggests Sony is looking to clear out inventory – essentially wash its hands of the system – at any cost. The project’s failure is also likely to deter Sony from developing a PlayStation 2 Classic.

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  2. ckm88

    ckm88 TS Booster Posts: 85   +53

    Can you imagine the profit they were making at selling these at 99 bucks lol. Like they can still turn profit at 40 bucks.
  3. Burty117

    Burty117 TechSpot Chancellor Posts: 3,469   +1,254

    I'll just put my hope in them making the PS5 fully backwards compatible.
    Satish Mallya likes this.
  4. seeprime

    seeprime TS Guru Posts: 371   +399

    It's very unlikely that Sony is making any money at $39. Walmart is probably making $10 per unit sold.
  5. Satish Mallya

    Satish Mallya TechSpot Staff Posts: 185   +169

    It *is* rumored that that's on the cards...
  6. Julio Franco

    Julio Franco TechSpot Editor Posts: 8,194   +1,256

    That's what happens when you put no effort/heart into a product and expect to sell just because.
    Evernessince likes this.
  7. rrwards

    rrwards TS Enthusiast Posts: 36   +56

    You forgot the even better news, you can replicate and actually improve the PS Classic experience with a Raspberry Pi and RetroPi for that same $40.
  8. Slappy McPhee

    Slappy McPhee TS Booster Posts: 144   +76

    There are plenty of distros out there actually.... RetroPie, Lakka, Recalbox, Batocera, etc. But at the end of the day for those that like the form factor you can pick up the classic and hack it which for some is fun, others not so much.
  9. Satish Mallya

    Satish Mallya TechSpot Staff Posts: 185   +169

    Worked out pretty well for Nintendo, with their NES reboot...
    Wessell Urdata likes this.
  10. Scshadow

    Scshadow TS Evangelist Posts: 559   +199

    Not likely. The issue is not the hardware they are selling but the software license they are paying for. And they are probably selling at a loss at this point because they've already paid for the licensing and the inventory is just sitting there. This is why you can't compare this to something like the retropie. You aren't paying for the software, you're stealing it.

    The issues with this classic console are well documented. It doesn't run right. You need to access the emulator settings to fix it. And they didn't secure a good enough selection of games, which again is a licensing issue. They should've considered the classic console and then unconsidered it when they couldn't get a good lineup for it. I doubt a ps2 classic was ever in the works but in about 10 years, it could be a good product as long as they learn their lesson.
    cliffordcooley and ckm88 like this.
  11. ckm88

    ckm88 TS Booster Posts: 85   +53

    Yeah I agree. They gave the green light on a lackluster product.
  12. PcePce

    PcePce TS Enthusiast Posts: 75   +24

    Buyer's remorse caused by prices dropping is an obnoxious side-effect of the information age. It's just people blaming others for their lack of self-control or foresight.
  13. Puiu

    Puiu TS Evangelist Posts: 3,296   +1,749

    Unfortunately this works for many.
  14. QuantumPhysics

    QuantumPhysics TS Guru Posts: 977   +701

    It's absolutely illogical to have designed this thing to play games that came out designed to use the Dual Shock controller, but not include a Dual Shock controller.

    Playstation's launch and 1st year games: WARHAWK, Twisted Metal 1 (and 2), Loaded, Iron & Blood, Jet Moto... make way more sense.

    Thing is: I tried playing some PS1 games on PS3's virtual console and the graphics were so bad it hurt my eyes.

    I paid $59 for this thing on Christmas and haven't even opened the box.

    I may get a second as a gift for my sister, who likes Twisted Metal.
    Last edited: Feb 13, 2019
  15. lexster

    lexster TS Booster Posts: 120   +71

    Except that the NES/SNES mini's were very carefully thought out and the games selection was excellent! The PS Classic is nowhere near the same quality. No analogue controllers or matching games? Lame! The game selection was less than lacking. No thank you.
  16. Satish Mallya

    Satish Mallya TechSpot Staff Posts: 185   +169

    Fair enough. I didn't realize that the PlayStation was *quite* as bad as it is.
    lexster likes this.
  17. sushi board

    sushi board TS Rookie

    Might pick one up ... emulators just aren't the same.

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