Facepalm: Highlights from the ill-fated tutorial include installing the RAM in the wrong slots, using thermal paste and a pre-applied thermal pad, leaving a screw off the CPU cooler, calling zip ties tweezers and demonstrating terrible cable management. And that's just scratching the surface.

The Verge, one of the larger technology news sites on the Internet, published a video last September detailing how to build a $2,000 custom gaming PC. While the production value was decent, the overall feel of the tutorial was cringe-worthy and much of the information presented was flat out wrong or misleading.

Predictably, it went viral and the Internet jumped all over it. As Wccftech recounts, memes quickly sprang to life and several YouTubers criticized the clip. This prompted parent company Vox Media to delete the video and now, they’re apparently going after some of the YouTubers.

Kyle from Bitwit recently shared on Twitter that Vox Media filed a copyright complaint against his parody of The Verge’s video, titled, “Lyle reacts to The Verge’s PC build video.” According to the accompanying screenshot, YouTube also levied a copyright strike against his channel.

Kyle issues a warning to fellow YouTubers that similar sanctions may be heading their way.

As Wccftech correctly alludes to, Vox Media’s best course of action would have been to simply leave well enough alone. They already deleted the video and it’s been five months; lots of people had no doubt forgotten about the fiasco. Now, by picking fights with a YouTuber and requesting an old video be deleted, they’re essentially enacting the Streisand effect.