Ford isn't the only car company experimenting with a few strange product ideas - General Motors (GM) has been doing the same.

The key difference between the two vehicle giants is that Ford's goofier ideas (like its "Lane-Keeping Bed") will probably never make it to market, whereas GM's latest concepts are already a reality.

GM has been developing a line of electric bicycles behind the scenes since last November, and the company is finally ready to start taking orders for them. For now, there are only two available models, dubbed the Meld and the Merge.

The former is a pretty standard-looking e-bike, but the latter can fold down into a much more compact form. Both bikes will reportedly be able to reach speeds of "up to" 15.5mph, with a total range of around 40 miles.

The Merge and Meld will fall under GM's new "Ariv" branding. If the bikes are successful, Arivw ill undoubtedly house plenty of other models in the future.

As is the case with most modern products, GM's bikes will be able to connect to your smartphone via Bluetooth, offering you information on your average speed, battery level, and more.

If you're wondering how you'll keep track of this data mid-ride, the Merge and Meld will come equipped with a unique "Quad Lock Mount" that can lock your phone in place above the handlebars, essentially mimicking a car's instrument panel.

Those who are eager to get their hands on the Meld or the Merge (priced at $3,200 and $3,800 respectively) may be out of luck. For now, they're only available to those who live in Germany, the Netherlands, or Belgium - everywhere else will have to wait.

If you do live in one of those locations, you should see pre-orders for both bikes open up on Bike Exchange sometime today.