Facepalm: Players, primarily in China, are mistakenly paying $30 for Apex Construct, thinking it's Apex Legends, the latest phenomenon in free-to-play battle royale games. This has led to Apex Construct getting a lot of inadvertent attention, and review bombing.

Apex Legends is the latest in battle royale shooters to disrupt the genre, gaining over a million players in less than eight hours, and attracting more than 25 million players in its first week. However, it would seem its popularity has come with a side-effect, one of mistaken identity.

Apex Construct, a VR title that launched in March 2018, has seen its Steam pageviews surge by 4,000 percent since Apex Legends launched. Additionally, the sales for Apex Construct have totaled more in a week than all of 2018, all presumably because of the similarity between the two names – they even share similar logos. Interestingly, players are willing to pay $30 for what they assume is Apex Legends, a free-to-play game.

This was a point Fast Travel Games communications manager, Andreas Juliusson, brought up in a Reddit post: "Since the launch of Apex Legends on Feb 4, visits to our store page on Steam has increased with over 4000% - and Legends isn't even available on Steam at all, it's an EA Origin exclusive! What makes it even weirder is that we sold more units of Apex Construct in China the last seven days than during ALL of 2018 - apparently people are prepared to buy what they think is Apex Legends for $29.99, even thought it's a free-to-play title... Most likely these units will be refunded, but our books look pretty good at the moment ;-)"

While this is indeed an interesting story, and Fast Travel Games appear to be taking it in good spirit, there has been one adverse after effect in that players are leaving negative reviews on Steam because the game isn't Apex Legends. Juliusson states that the Steam community is looking into the matter currently, and cites "massive misunderstandings going on."

You can download Apex Legends here free of charge, and read some reviews as well.