Rumor mill: Nvidia's new mid-range product stack is reportedly gaining a new addition with the GTX 1650 set for a March launch. According to rumors, the GTX 1650 will pack 4 GB of VRAM and will retail between $150-200. The first non-RTX offering from Nvidia, the GTX 1660 Ti, is due to launch on February 22nd (tomorrow).

New rumors indicate that Nvidia is continuing to build out the lower end of the Turing product stack, with the GTX 1650 on the horizon. The mid-range GTX 1660 Ti is due out tomorrow, with the GTX 1660 due to follow in March. According to these rumors courtesy of Videocardz, the GTX 1650 is also expected in March following the release of the 1660.

Details on specifications are sparse, but it looks like the card will feature the TU117 GPU, a cut down version of the TU116 GPU found in the 1660 Ti and 1660. The card will also likely feature 4 GB of GDDR6 VRAM on a 128-bit bus and a base clock of 1,485 MHz. The memory clock will likely remain the same as the 1660 Ti at 4 GHz, significantly lower than the 7 GHz found on the higher end RTX cards.

Also being speculated is the TDP of the 1650, which may end up being 75W. If that's the case, the card won't require additional power and will draw all it needs from the PCIe slot. This could open up many options for small form factor builds and low-power builds. Price at launch isn't confirmed, but we'd expect to fall somewhere between $150-200, making the card a very interesting choice for budget builders.

Excitement is building around the GTX 1660 Ti as we get closer to launch, with the GPU benchmarking on par with the GTX 1070, and obliterating the GTX 1060 6 GB. At $279, the 1660 Ti is poised to be a long-overdue upgrade for the mid-range, and a true alternative to the Pascal cards that are becoming more and more difficult to find at MSRP.