In brief: In addition to its big sales, Steam often holds publisher discount events, which, as the name suggests, sees all titles from a company reduced in price. This weekend is the turn of Square Enix, meaning you can grab games from the Final Fantasy, Deux Ex, Tomb Raider, and Just Cause franchises, along with many others, for dirt cheap prices.

On now and running until February 25, highlights from the sale include 50 percent off Just Cause 4 and Shadow of the Tomb Raider, bringing the cost of both games down to $29.99. The excellent Windows version of Final Fantasy XV has also had its price slashed in half, dropping it to $24.99.

Classics from Square Enix's stable have had their already low price tags reduced even further. All the Deux Ex games and their DLCs can be picked up for just a few dollars, as can the first three Just Cause titles. There are also early Tomb Raider and Thief games on offer for under $5.

While I'm a fan of pretty much everything mentioned here, I'd also recommend the Life is Strange series and the GTA-style, open-world actioner Sleeping Dogs - definitive edition. I also recall enjoying Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light's local multiplayer mode.

There are, of course, some absolute duds in amongst this selection, including what's said to be one of the worst games in years, The Quiet Man, which one reviewer describes as a "straight-to-DVD action film that is played on mute." But if you're a masochist, you can enjoy this appalling piece of crap for just $7.49.