Remember when Vitaminwater offered to give one lucky person $100,000 if they could give their smartphone up for a full year? JetBlue just launched a similar contest, known as the "All You Can Jet" sweepstakes.

You can only enter the sweepstakes if you delete all of the pictures on your Instagram account - in order to "create a blank slate," as JetBlue puts it. The posts have to stay deleted (or archived) until March 8 if you want a chance to win.

Once entrants have followed those rules, they have to create a new post finishing off JetBlue's "All You Can" slogan - contestants can choose any word they like, but the phrase and its background image have to be created using a tool created by the company.

As long as the post is tagged with @Jetblue and #Allyoucanjetsweepstakes, it should be automatically entered to win.

If your post is chosen (via a random drawing - the quality doesn't appear to matter), you – and one "travel companion" – could win a full year of free flights to just about anywhere.

Three of these prizes are being given out, so your odds of winning will probably be slightly better than they were with Vitaminwater's contest. To sign up for the All You Can Jet sweepstakes, visit JetBlue's website for official instructions.