WTF?! Despite the huge number of critical and commercial flops, Hollywood continues to churn out movies based on video games. One of these upcoming titles is a live action version of Sonic the Hedgehog, and we've just got our first full look at the blue hero's CGI design.

Having been in the early stages of development since 2014, the first poster for the Sonic movie arrived a couple of months ago. It showed a silhouette of what looked like some muscular, hairy legs, which was a bit unsettling. Now, advertising agency Hamagami / Carroll, Inc has posted the branding deck for the feature film. It's since been taken down, but others have been sharing it.

The style guide for the movie's merchandising notes that Sonic should be "a new modern take on the brand without abandoning its core essence." The character is described as "Irreverent and sarcastic, heroic and adventurous, confident and competitive, chill and likable [and] mischievous but not malicious."

As was the case with December's poster, there have been some issues raised with this design. One of the main points of contention is that Sonic's famous white gloves are now just patches of white fur on his hands.

Making a 'life-like' version of Sonic was never going to be easy, though the upcoming Pokémon movie looks to have done a better job with Pikachu---Sonic appears to be encroaching on furry territory here. We'll discover if this really is his final form when the movie arrives in cinemas on November 8, 2019.