Something to look forward to: Gearbox dropped their strongest hint yet of a Borderlands 3 reveal at PAX East. The company posted on Twitter an image of a highway sign, in the classic Borderlands cel shaded graphical style, along with "March 28" and "Boston, MA."

A real, bona fide Borderlands sequel is seemingly nearing release. Gearbox posted a teaser on their Twitter page that leaves no chance of misinterpretation. The familiar Borderlands font reads "March 28", with the cel shaded background and "exit 3" being the cherries on top.

This hint follows news last week of Gearbox scheduling an event in the main theater at PAX East during the first day of the event. While details on the possible release date of BL3 have been tough to nail down, parent company Take Two Interactive did reveal that a "major release" was being pushed back to fiscal year 2020 in a financial report. That report has since been taken down, so it's possible that a quicker launch is in the cards.

Randy Pitchford, Gearbox CEO, confirmed the existence of the next Borderlands all the way back at PAX East 2016. In 2017, Pitchford showed off the below tech demo of the game at the Game Developers Conference. It was reported five months ago that the game had completed main development and was undergoing localization, which is one of the final steps before release.

PAX East runs March 28-31 in Boston, Massachusetts.