Game streaming is becoming more and more popular as time goes on. Google, Nvidia, PlayStation, and several others are all running (or planning to run) services that let customers play the latest games without the need for beefy hardware using the power of the internet.

Even Valve has jumped on the bandwagon in the past; somewhat, anyway. Their "Steam Link" streaming boxes can hook up to various displays (such as your living room TV) to grant you access to your entire Steam library from the comfort of your couch.

Now, Valve is improving the Steam Link concept significantly with "Steam Link Anywhere," a program that will let you access your Steam titles from a wider variety of devices.

The full list includes virtually any reasonably modern Android-based mobile device with the Steam Link beta app installed and any non-primary computer with Steam downloaded (you won't have to install your games to play).

If Steam Link Anywhere sounds like your cup of tea, you take it for a spin now. However, the service is in very early beta at the moment so some quirks should be expected.

Regardless, to try the feature, enter your Steam settings and switch to the latest client beta build; anything dated March 13 or newer will work, according to Valve. After that, follow the simple instructions laid out here to get started.

Image courtesy 9to5Google