What just happened? Dropbox is instituting a three device limit for free accounts. This is meant to push users toward paid storage tiers and bring in more revenue for the company. Fortunately, for people who already have more than three devices currently linked, you can keep those devices linked but you'll be unable to add any new devices.

Dropbox recently updated its website to indicate it will allow users on the free storage plan a total of three devices at a time. Any additional devices will require the user to pull out their wallet.

The policy starts this month and is meant to push people towards the Plus and Professional paid storage tiers which allow unlimited devices. Dropbox's paid storage starts at $10/month or $100/year for 1TB of space on the Plus plan. Moving up to the Professional tier raises the price to $200/year for 2TB of space.

For comparison, Google Drive is $10/month for 2TB of storage while Microsoft's OneDrive offers a 6TB (1TB split over six users) for only $10/month. OneDrive might be an even better deal considering it comes with the full Office suite of applications.

As cloud computing and storage become more popular, companies are trying to find ways to monetize these services. While $10 per month may not seem like much, it could be a pain for those who simply want to sync their Dropbox accounts across a bunch of devices.